Goose Golf Towel Review

This year I was introduced to a new golf towel from Goose Golf, which is unlike any towel I've seen before. I admit, I've never put much time or effort into buying a new golf towel, as I've never really noticed a significant difference from one towel to the next.  After using the uniquely designed Goose Towel, I've learned that there's more to golf towels than meets the eye...

The purpose of a golf towel is pretty obvious, to assist golfers in keeping their equipment clean and dry and ready for action.  The way Goose Golf differentiates themselves from all the other towels on the market is in the design.  As you can see from the picture, the Goose towel is much different from your typical golf towel, with a multi-layer wet/dry design.  By wetting the inner layer before your round (while the outer layer remains dry) I found this to be a significant improvement for keeping my clubs clean compared to my previous towel.

I'm able to wash my clubs in between to layers then dry it using the outer layer.  This is not only a more effective and efficient way of cleaning my clubs, it also helps the towel to stay looking nice and clean with the majority of the dirt staying on the inner layers.  Again, compared to my previous golf towel which now looks like an old and soiled rag, I found the Goose Towel to a step above their competitors.

For more information about Goose Golf, their towels and/or their other products, please visit them online at:  You can also get connected with them on Twitter (@GooseGolfTowel) and/or on Facebook (


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