Tango Bistro

Welcome to Tango Bistro, the newest addition to the family of restaurants in the Smuggler's Group. Joining Open Sesame, Bolero and of course Smuggler's Inn, Tango Bistro is a bold and fresh approach to casual dining that will redefine how you come to know food and wine. We offer guests a unique dining experience through progressive small plate meals. Built for sharing and sampling, our dishes are vibrant and varied and offer a chance to taste many flavors over the course of a meal.

We are very sensitive to allergens and want everyone to enjoy as much of our food as possible. We’ve tried to list most allergens on the menu guide but if you see something you like but are unsure of a certain ingredient, ask your server. They can find out from our always accessible chef if it can be made a different way, just for you!

Come for a taste... see what small plate sharing is all about.

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